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# Agencysort descending Scheme Nickname Is this Major Adjudication? Verified by Agency Types of Adjudication
201 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVACARE0001 Revocation of VA approval of community residential care facilities No Not verified Type B
202 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAEMIG0002 Termination of grants under the Exchange of Medical Information Grant Program No Verified Type B
203 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVADEPD0003 Reduction in subsistence allowance following loss of dependent No Not verified Type B
204 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVACOEA0004 Administration of educational assistance programs No Verified Type B
205 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVABURI0005 Prohibition of interment/memorialization of those who committed capital crimes No Not verified Type B
206 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVANOND0006 Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs No Not verified Type A
207 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAPFCR0007 Program Fraud Civil Remedies Yes Not verified Type A
208 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVASUSD0008 Nonprocurement suspension and debarment No Not verified Type B
209 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAPROC0009 Procurement suspension and debarment No Verified Type B
210 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAOFFS0010 VA salary/administrative offset and administrative wage garnishment No Verified Type A, Type B
211 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOOALJ0001 Formal (APA) hearings Yes Verified Type A
212 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOPRMT0006 Permit adjudications Yes Not verified Type B
213 Environmental Protection Agency EPACERCL0007 CERCLA 106(b) reimbursement claims Yes Not verified Type B
214 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOOFFS0002 Administrative claims/debt collection No Not verified Type B
215 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOCORR0003 Corrective Actions in Solid Waste Disposal Act No Not verified
216 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOSUSD0004 Suspension and debarment No Not verified Type B
217 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOGRAN0005 Adjudication of grant-related disputes/enforcement actions No Not verified Type B
218 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOAIRO0008 Air Monitoring and Fuel Economy No Not verified
219 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOCOMP0009 Disputes re: competitive grants No Not verified Type B
220 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOPANE0010 EPA Panel and Pesticide Appeals No Not verified
221 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOWITH0011 Withdrawal of Approval of State Programs and Superfund Claims No Not verified
222 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOREGI0012 Civil Penalty Proceedings in Regional Offices No Not verified
223 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCGOVT0001 Discrimination complaints - local/state govt employees Yes Verified Type A
224 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCFEDS0002 Federal sector EEO Yes Verified Type B
225 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCTECH0003 Internal enforcement of nondiscrimination in EEOC e-information No Verified Type B
226 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCDEBT0004 Debt collection No Verified Type A, Type B
227 Export-Import Bank of the United States EIBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
228 Farm Credit Administration FCAOCLAM0001 Collection of claims owed the U.S. No Not verified Unknown
229 Farm Credit Administration FCAOLOAN0002 Loan application No Not verified Unknown
230 Farm Credit Administration FCAOSUSR0003 Suspension, removal, censure, debarment No Not verified Unknown
231 Farm Credit Administration FCAOCIVP0004 No Not verified Unknown
232 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation FAMCZERO0001 N/A Verified
233 Federal Communications Commission FCCOCOLL0001 Salary offset Yes Not verified Type B
234 Federal Communications Commission FCCOEAJA0002 EAJA fees Yes Not verified Type A
235 Federal Communications Commission FCCOEQUI0003 Authorization of radio frequency equipment and components Yes Not verified Type B
236 Federal Communications Commission FCCOINHD0004 Forfeiture proceedings Yes Not verified Type B
237 Federal Communications Commission FCCOMDRD0007 Enforcement hearings Yes Not verified Type B
238 Federal Communications Commission FCCOMDRD0008 Formal complaints against common carriers Yes Not verified Type B
239 Federal Communications Commission FCCOMDRD0009 Pole attachment complaints Yes Not verified Type B
240 Federal Communications Commission FCCOMDRD0010 Formal open internet complaints Yes Not verified Type B
241 Federal Communications Commission FCCOTCCD0011 Accessibility of telecommunications equipment & services to persons with disabilities Yes Not verified Type B
242 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDICZERO0001 No Not verified
243 Federal Election Commission FECOREPA0001 Repayments based on audits No Verified Type B
244 Federal Election Commission FECOADMN0002 Administrative Fine Process No Verified Type B
245 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCALJO0001 Formal ALJ adjudication Yes Verified Type A
246 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCCOMM0002 Commission hearing-level adjudications No Verified Type A, Type B
247 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCIJAP0003 Commission review of contested DOE orders under Subparts I & J No Verified Type A
248 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCSUBK0004 Petitions for adjustments under NGPA No Verified Unknown
249 Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund Board FHITZERO0001 N/A Verified
250 Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFADEBT0001 Debt Collection - Salary Offset, Administrative Offset & Administrative Wage Garnishment No Not verified
251 Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFAENFO0002 Enforcement No Not verified
252 Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFACAPC0003 Capital Classification & Removal/Suspension Proceedings No Not verified
253 Federal Judicial Center FJCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
254 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAREPE0001 Representation Proceedings, Negotiability, and Consultation Rights Yes Verified
255 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAUNLP0002 Unfair Labor Practices, Backpay, EAJA Yes Verified Type A
256 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABREP0003 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Representation Hearings Yes Verified
257 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABULP0004 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Unfair Labor Practices Yes Verified Type A
258 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABNEG0005 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Negotiability Issues Yes Verified
259 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABIMP0006 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Impasse Disputes Panel Yes Not verified
260 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAIMPP0007 Federal Service Impasses Panel Yes Verified
261 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAARBI0008 Challenge to Arbitration Award Yes Verified
262 Federal Maritime Commission FMCOSHIP0001 Shipping Act Appeals Yes Verified Type A
263 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCSSOFF0001 Debt/Claims collection - salary offset No Verified Type A, Type B
264 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCSSUSD0002 Nonprocurement suspension & debarment No Verified Type B
265 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCSADRO0003 No Not verified
266 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHFADJ0001 Formal adjudication Yes Verified Type A
267 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHCITA0002 Commission Proceedings No Not verified
268 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHCONT0003 Contests, Complaints, and Temporary Relief No Not verified
269 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHEAJA0004 Equal Access to Justice No Not verified
270 Federal National Mortgage Association FNMAZERO0001 N/A Verified
271 Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board FRTIBSOF0001 Claims collection - salary & administrative offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
272 Federal Supplementary Medication Insurance Trust Fund Board FSIMZERO0001 N/A Verified
273 Federal Trade Commission FTCAADJU0001 Formal adjudication - enforcement actions Yes Verified Type A
274 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission FCSCADJU0001 Compensation claims Yes Verified Type B
275 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission FCSCCLMS0002 Claims No Not verified Type B
276 General Services Administration GSAOPRFR0001 GSA Program Fraud and Lobbying Violation hearings No Not verified Unknown
277 General Services Administration GSAONPRC0002 GSA Nonprocurement debarment & suspension proceedings No Not verified Unknown
278 General Services Administration GSAOFARG0003 GSA Debarment/Suspension proceedings for FAR contractors No Not verified Unknown
279 General Services Administration GSAOCBCA0004 GSA Civilian Board of Contract Appeals cases Verified Type B
280 Government Accountability Office GAOOPERS0001 Personnel Appeals Board Yes Verified Type B
281 Government Accountability Office GAOOCONT0002 Contract Appeals Board Yes Not verified Type B
282 Government Accountability Office GAOOBIDS0003 Bid Protest Yes Verified Type B
283 Government Printing Office GPROSUSD0001 Procurement Suspension and Debarment No Not verified Unknown
284 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation HSTFTERM0001 Termination/suspension of scholarships No Verified Type B
285 Independent Payment Advisory Board IPABZERO0001 N/A Verified
286 Institute for Museum and Library Services IMLSNOND0002 Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs No Verified Type A
287 Institute for Museum and Library Services IMLSDBAR0001 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension No Verified Type B
288 Inter-American Foundation IAFOSUSD0001 Nonprocurement suspension/debarment No Not verified Type B
289 Inter-American Foundation IAFOSOFF0002 Salary offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
290 Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board IROBZERO0001 N/A Verified
291 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation JMMFTERM0001 Suspension/termination of fellowships No Not verified Type B
292 Legal Services Corporation LSCODTOF0001 Debarment and/or Termination of Funds No Verified
293 Legal Services Corporation LSCIGIPA0003 Suspension/debarment of independent public accountants (IPAs) No Verified Type B
294 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0002 Costs over $2500 No Verified
295 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0003 Costs under $2500 No Verified
296 Legal Services Corporation LSCODSRR0004 Debarment, Suspension, and Removal of Recipient Auditors No Verified
297 Legal Services Corporation LSCODBAR0001 Debarment/suspension of grantees from LSC funds No Verified
298 Library of Congress LOCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
299 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPBAPPJ0001 "Main" (informal) adjudication scheme - Administrative Judges Yes Not verified Type B
300 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPBORIG0002 Formal ALJ adjudication - primarily original jurisdiction cases Yes Not verified Type A, Type B