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Formal ALJ adjudication - primarily original jurisdiction cases

Formal adjudication by the Office of the Administrative Law Judge of appeals by federal employees (or applicants) challenging covered adverse agency actions and/or prohibited personnel practices by federal agencies. Adjudications are conducted by administrative law judges and arise primarily (though not exclusively) under the Board's original jurisdiction. Covered matters include: complaints filed by the Special Counsel; proposed removals of administrative law judges; and appeals filed by MSPB employees related to adverse employment actions by the Board. (See 5 CFR pt. 1201, subpt. D; 5 CFR 1201.13).

[Note: Since MSPB does not currently employ an ALJ, the adjudicatory functions of the Office of the Administrative Law Judge are performed under reimbursable interagency agreements with the Federal Trade Commission, the Coast Guard, and the Environmental Protection Agency.]

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Adjudication of Special Counsel complaints and ALJ removals are statutorily-required "on the record" hearings. MSPB, by regulation, affords its employees aggrieved by adverse actions to have their claims adjudicated by an ALJ in order to insulate such adjudication from agency involvement as much as possible. (See 5 CFR 1201.13)
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