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Termination/suspension of scholarships

Informal proceedings with relatively spartan procedures providing little more than an existing Truman Scholar shall receive "notice and an opportunity for a hearing" prior to termination of his/her scholarship. Termination may be based on, among other things, failure to: follow approved plan of study, make satisfactory academic progress, or file required annual reports. The Foundation may also seek repayment of scholarship funds if a scholar fails to satisfy post-scholarship public service requirement. (Truman Scholars must work for 3 - 7 years after a Foundation-funded graduate program in public service. This is also referred to as the "accountability" policy or requirement.) (See 45 CFR pt. 1801, subpt. G) Regulations are augmented by procedures listed on the agency website.

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Type B
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The Appeals Panel is formed on an ad hoc basis to hear individual appeals. The Foundation's website provides that the Appeals Panel is a 3-person panel appointed by the Executive Secretary with advice/consent from the Board of Trustees. Foundation members and staff are ineligible to serve. At least one member must be an alumni of the Truman program.
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HTSF "Accountability Policy" -
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In phone call with ACUS staff, a Foundation employee noted that the process has only been employed once in the eight years since it was implemented, and in that instance the dispute centered on collection, not the student's liability to pay.
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