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GSA Debarment/Suspension proceedings for FAR contractors

This scheme sets out the GSA's procedures for suspending or debarring contractors under the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) system, which establishes uniform policies for the acquisition of supplies and services by executive agencies. Those regulations require agencies to promulgate procedures governing how they may prosecute cases of debarment and suspension. See FAR 9.406-3(b); 9.407-3(b). The GSA has done this largely through 48 CFR 509.406-3, the section governing debarment procedures. A later provision found at 48 CFR 509.407-3(a), governing suspension proceedings, largely adopts the procedures for debarment and carries them over to suspension cases.

Comments/Notes on Adjudication Structure: 
-The regulations governing procurement suspensions and debarments for GSA define "debarring official" and "suspending official" as the Suspension and Debarment Official within the Office of the Chief Acquisition Officer. See 41 CFR 509.403. -The "Fact-finding Official" is a hearing officer from whom a contractor may seek findings of fact if the action against raises a genuine dispute of material fact (and in suspension cases, where it is also not based on a conviction or civil judgment) . If the Suspension and Debarment Official determines that a genuine issue of fact exists, he refers the matter to this "fact-finding official" to conduct hearings and submit written findings of fact back to him. See 48 CFR 509.406-3(d); see also 48 CFR 407-3.
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