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# Agency Scheme Nickname Is this Major Adjudication? Verified by Agencysort ascending Types of Adjudication
101 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCCOMM0002 Commission hearing-level adjudications No Verified Type A, Type B
102 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCALJO0001 Formal ALJ adjudication Yes Verified Type A
103 Federal Election Commission FECOADMN0002 Administrative Fine Process No Verified Type B
104 Federal Election Commission FECOREPA0001 Repayments based on audits No Verified Type B
105 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation FAMCZERO0001 N/A Verified
106 Export-Import Bank of the United States EIBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
107 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCDEBT0004 Debt collection No Verified Type A, Type B
108 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCTECH0003 Internal enforcement of nondiscrimination in EEOC e-information No Verified Type B
109 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCFEDS0002 Federal sector EEO Yes Verified Type B
110 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCGOVT0001 Discrimination complaints - local/state govt employees Yes Verified Type A
111 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOOALJ0001 Formal (APA) hearings Yes Verified Type A
112 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAOFFS0010 VA salary/administrative offset and administrative wage garnishment No Verified Type A, Type B
113 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAPROC0009 Procurement suspension and debarment No Verified Type B
114 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVACOEA0004 Administration of educational assistance programs No Verified Type B
115 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAEMIG0002 Termination of grants under the Exchange of Medical Information Grant Program No Verified Type B
116 Department of the Treasury TRSYALJS0001 ALJ/Secretary process Yes Verified Type A
117 Department of State DOSONOND0009 Nondiscrimination in federal assistance No Verified Unknown
118 Department of State DOSAVATT0004 Beirut Agreement - authentication of Audio-visual materials Yes Verified Unknown
119 Department of Labor LABROTAA0009 Labor Trade Adjustment Yes Verified Type B
120 Department of Labor LABRATOM0008 Labor Atomic Workers Yes Verified Type B
121 Department of Labor LABRBALC0006 Labor BALCA + ARB Yes Verified Unknown
122 Department of Labor LABROALJ0005 Labor ALJ + EBSA Yes Verified Type B
123 Department of Labor LABROALJ0004 Labor ALJ + OSHA Yes Verified Type A
124 Department of Labor LABROALJ0002 Labor ALJ + BRB Yes Verified Type A
125 Department of Labor LABROALJ0001 Labor ALJ + ARB Yes Verified Type A
126 Department of Commerce USDCPDIS0023 Disciplinary Proceedings in the USPTO Yes Verified Type B
127 Department of Health and Human Services HHSOPRRB0005 Provider Reimbursement Certification Yes Verified Type B
128 Department of Health and Human Services HHSOMGCR0006 Medicare Geographic Hospital Classification Review Yes Verified Type B
129 Department of Health and Human Services HHSOOHAI0003 Exchange-based (Marketplace) health insurance eligibility appeals functions Yes Verified Type B
130 Department of Agriculture USDAARBO0009 Administrative Review Branch appeals Yes Verified Type B
131 Department of Health and Human Services HHSOFDVA0007 Compliance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act Yes Verified Type A
132 Department of Health and Human Services HHSOADGA0008 HHS Grant and Assistance Benefits Yes Verified Type A
133 Department of Health and Human Services HHSOOBEN0001 Health Insurance Benefits Under the Medicare Programs Yes Verified Type A
134 Department of Agriculture USDANADO0002 Yes Verified Type A
135 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGHP0004 Coast Guard Hearing Procedure (Statutory Penalties) Yes Verified Type B
136 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGRR0006 Coast Guard Retiring Review Board Yes Verified Type B
137 Delta Regional Authority DRAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
138 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGDR0007 Coast Guard Discharge Review Board Yes Verified Type B
139 Council on Environmental Quality CEQOZERO0001 N/A Verified
140 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGMR0008 Coast Guard Board for Correction of Military Records Yes Verified Type B
141 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOHALJ0001 Adjudication in Office of Administrative Law Judge Yes Verified Type A, Type B
142 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOAPPJ0002 Administrative Judge Adjudication Yes Verified Type B
143 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOSECT0003 Section 3 Funding-Informal Resolutions Yes Verified Type B
144 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOMANU0004 Manufactured Home Presentation of Views Yes Verified Type B
145 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOIGOO0005 Refusal to Give Documents or Testimony No Verified Type B
146 Department of Energy DOENAPPA0002 Informal appeals Yes Verified Type B
147 Council of Economic Advisers CEAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
148 Corporation for Public Broadcasting CPBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
149 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDMULTI0007 Multifamily Housing Yes Verified Type B
150 Department of Energy DOENOOHA0001 Office of Hearings & Appeals Proceedings Yes Verified Type B
151 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOFHAO0008 Removal of Consultants from Lists Yes Verified Type B
152 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau CFPBADJU0001 Formal adjudication under Dodd-Frank and other federal consumer financial laws Yes Verified Type A
153 Congressional Research Service CRSOZERO0001 N/A Verified
154 Congressional Budget Office CBOOZERO0001 N/A Verified
155 Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTCREPA0005 Reparations Yes Verified Type A, Type B
156 Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTCCOLL0003 Debt Collection No Verified Type B
157 Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board CSHIZERO0001 N/A Verified
158 Central Intelligence Agency CIAODBAR0001 Procurement-related suspension/debarment No Verified
159 Administrative Office of the United States Courts AOCXZERO0001 N/A Verified
160 Appalachian Regional Commission ARCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
161 Architect of the Capitol ACAPZERO0001 N/A Verified
162 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program BGSEZERO0001 N/A Verified
163 Department of Justice DOJXEOIR0002 OCAHO Non-removal Hearings Yes Verified Type A
164 Department of Justice DOJXEOIR0001 Immigration Judge Hearings Yes Verified Type B
165 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAACCR0011 Termination of accreditation or authority to provide representation Yes Verified Type B
166 Department of Agriculture USDAAMSM0025 Formal hearings to formulate or amend marketing agreements or orders for various agricultural products No Not verified
167 Department of Agriculture USDAVPAT0016 Joint APHIS/PTP adjudication of veterinary patents No Not verified Type B
168 Department of Agriculture USDAOCCU0017 Post-decision admin review re: occupancy/use of NFS lands No Not verified Type B
169 National Credit Union Administration NCUADEBT0003 Federal Employee Debt Collection No Not verified Type B
170 Department of Commerce USDCSECR0007 Decisions by the Secretary of Commerce No Not verified Type B
171 National Railroad Passenger Corporation NRPCZERO0001 N/A Not verified
172 Department of Agriculture USDAPRJT0018 Administrative review re: projects/activities implementing LRMPs No Not verified Type B
173 National Science Foundation NSFOFADJ0001 Formal adjudication No Not verified Type A
174 National Science Foundation NSFODEBT0002 Claims collection - salary & administrative offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
175 National Science Foundation NSFOSUSD0003 Nonprocurement suspension and debarment No Not verified Type B
176 Department of Agriculture USDAPRED0007 Project-level predecisional administrative review No Not verified Type B
177 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOSOFF0005 Yes Not verified Type B
178 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOOALJ0004 Yes Not verified Type B
179 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOFFDI0003 Yes Not verified Type B
180 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOEAJA0002 Yes Not verified Type B
181 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOAOFF0001 Yes Not verified Type B
182 Department of Agriculture USDALRMP0008 Pre-decisonal administrative review of land and resource management plans (LMRPs) No Not verified
183 Department of Agriculture USDATMBR0019 Suspension/debarment of timber purchasers No Not verified Type B
184 Department of Agriculture USDAFCIC0020 FCIC informal administrative reviews (7 CFR Part 400) No Not verified
185 National Security Council Staff NSCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
186 National Security Education Board NSEBZERO0001 N/A Not verified
187 Department of Agriculture USDANRCS0021 NRCS informal administrative reviews (7 CFR Part 614) No Not verified
188 Postal Regulatory Commission PRCOCOMP0001 PRC General Complaint Scheme No Not verified Type B
189 Department of Commerce USDCDUMP0006 Anti-Dumping Procedures Yes Not verified Type B
190 Department of Agriculture USDAFSAO0022 FSA informal administrative reviews (7 CFR Part 780) No Not verified
191 Department of Commerce USDCFTZB0005 Foreign Trade Zones Board Yes Not verified Type B
192 Department of Agriculture USDARDOO0023 RD (RUS, RHS, RBS) informal administrative reviews (7 CFR Part 1900) No Not verified
193 Department of Agriculture USDAMINE0024 Administrative review of adverse decisions related to contracts under RAMP No Not verified
194 Office of Personnel Management OPMOSOFF0001 Salary offset proceedings No Not verified Type B
195 Department of Agriculture USDASUSD0030 Nonprocurement suspension/debarment (2 CFR Parts 180 & 417) No Not verified
196 Office of National Drug Control Policy ONDCSUSP0001 Suspension & debarment No Not verified Type B
197 Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation ONHIRARC0002 Archaeological permits & violations No Not verified Type A, Type B
198 Office of Personnel Management OPMORETR0003 Hearings re: statutory prohibition of retirement annuities No Not verified Type A, Type B
199 Office of Personnel Management OPMOIGSD0004 Administrative sanctions - FEHB providers No Not verified Type B
200 Department of Commerce USDCCENS0001 Census Population Designations No Not verified Type B