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Nondiscrimination in federal assistance

Formal adjudication that provides recipient of, or applicant for, Department of State financial assistance with the opportunity for hearing relating to notice of failure to comply with nondiscrimination requirements under various civil rights statutes (e.g., Title VI, Rehabilitation Act, Age Discrimination Act, Title IX). Findings of noncompliance may result in suspension or termination of existing DOS funding, or refusal to grant or continue DOS funding. (22 CFR Parts 141 - 143 & 146)

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DOS will be updating its regulations "in the near future" to add a rule on Section 508 under the Rehabilitation Act, which will be Part 147. At that time, the "responsible official," for purposes of agency review, will be identified as the Office of Civil Rights.
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Any final decision by the "Responsible Departmental Official" (or other adjudicator) must also be transmitted to the Secretary of State who may approve, vacate, or remit any sanction imposed. The Secretary must also file a "full written report of the circumstances and the grounds for the action" with the House and Senate committees having legislative jurisdiction over the program, and wait for 30 days to elapse, before any order suspending, terminating, or refusing to grant federal financial assistance can become effective. (22 CFR 141.9(e))
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