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Claims collection - salary & administrative offset

Proceedings in which a debtor may seek administrative review of a notice of intent to collect a delinquent debt owed to the National Science Foundation or another federal agency prior to such action becoming final. Debt/claims collection actions may include salary offset (for current federal employees) or administrative offset (for collection of monies otherwise due to individuals or entities). (See 45 CFR Parts 617 & 618)

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Unclear from NSF regulations whether salary offset cases are heard by ALJs generally, on occasion, or not at all. For salary offsets, NSF regulations (based on Treasury regulations) provide that the hearing official shall be an impartial individual who is not under the supervision or control of the Chief Financial Officer, but does not appear to require ALJs (though many agencies do use ALJs). (See 45 CFR 607.2, 607.5(b)). For administrative offset, the governing statute clearly does not provide for formal proceedings, mandating only "an opportunity for review" within an agency. (See 45 CFR 608.3 (incorporating 31 USC 3716)).
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