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Nonprocurement suspension/debarment (2 CFR Parts 180 & 417)

Informal adjudication proceedings for nonprocurement-related suspension and debarment pursuant to USDA regulations adopting OMB Guidance setting forth procedural minima. (2 CFR Parts 180 & 417). USDA maintains a highly decentralized approach to suspension/debarment activities, with the authority to suspend/debar being delegated from the Secretary to the "head of an organizational unit within USDA" (e.g., Food and Nutrition Service, Food Safety and Inspection Service, Forest Service, Agricultural Marketing Service). Moreover, for the Forest Service, USDA rules further permit the Chief of the Forest Service sub-delegate suspension/debarment authority to the Deputy Chief or Associate Deputy Chief for the National Forest System. (2 CFR 417.930, 417.1010). Consequently, USDA has suspending/debarringofficials spread throughout the Department.

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