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Coast Guard Board for Correction of Military Records

The Board for Correction of Military Records processes applications to correct errors or remove injustices from military records, and to settle claims and determine monetary benefits. The Chair of the Board may administratively close a case prior to a hearing for a number of reasons (33 CFR 52.32); applicant has the right to resubmit a closed application. If the Chair determines that a hearing is warranted, the applicant is entitled to an oral hearing (22 CFR 52 Subpart F).

Following the hearing, the Chair drafts a decision, and the Board approves/rejects it by majority vote. The decision specifies any change, correction or modification of records to be made by the Coast Guard and other actions to provide relief.

If the Board acts unanimously, it may take final administrative action on behalf of the Secretary and issue orders necessary to carry out the action. Applicants may request reconsideration of the application.

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Type B
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