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FSA informal administrative reviews (7 CFR Part 780)

Very informal adjudication scheme for administrative review under Part 780 of adverse decisions in programs administered by the Farm Services Agency (FSA), or FSA on behalf of the Commodity Credit Corporation, related to: making, guaranteeing, or servicing farm loans under chapters VII (i.e., Parts 700 - 799) and XVII (i.e., Parts 1804 - 1930) of Title 7; domestic conservation or commodities decisions by FSA (on behalf of CCC) through state and county committees or itself under chapters VII and XIV (i.e., Parts 1400 - 1470) of Title 7 or part VII; and penalties assessed under the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA). Adverse decisions include any FSA denial of program participation, benefits, written agreements, eligibility, or any other matter that results in participant receiving less funds than she/he believes should have been paid or not receiving a benefit she/he believes entitled. (See 7 CFR 780.2)

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