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# Agency Scheme Nickname Is this Major Adjudication? Verified by Agencysort ascending Types of Adjudication
1 National Transportation Safety Board NTSBAPPE0001 Airman Appeals Process Yes Verified Type A
2 Department of Labor LABROALJ0001 Labor ALJ + ARB Yes Verified Type A
3 Department of Labor LABROALJ0002 Labor ALJ + BRB Yes Verified Type A
4 Department of Labor LABROALJ0004 Labor ALJ + OSHA Yes Verified Type A
5 Department of Labor LABROALJ0005 Labor ALJ + EBSA Yes Verified Type B
6 Department of Labor LABRBALC0006 Labor BALCA + ARB Yes Verified Unknown
7 Department of Labor LABRATOM0008 Labor Atomic Workers Yes Verified Type B
8 Department of Labor LABROTAA0009 Labor Trade Adjustment Yes Verified Type B
9 Department of State DOSAVATT0004 Beirut Agreement - authentication of Audio-visual materials Yes Verified Unknown
10 Department of State DOSONOND0009 Nondiscrimination in federal assistance No Verified Unknown
11 Department of the Treasury TRSYALJS0001 ALJ/Secretary process Yes Verified Type A
12 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAEMIG0002 Termination of grants under the Exchange of Medical Information Grant Program No Verified Type B
13 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVACOEA0004 Administration of educational assistance programs No Verified Type B
14 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAPROC0009 Procurement suspension and debarment No Verified Type B
15 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAOFFS0010 VA salary/administrative offset and administrative wage garnishment No Verified Type A, Type B
16 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOOALJ0001 Formal (APA) hearings Yes Verified Type A
17 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCGOVT0001 Discrimination complaints - local/state govt employees Yes Verified Type A
18 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCFEDS0002 Federal sector EEO Yes Verified Type B
19 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCTECH0003 Internal enforcement of nondiscrimination in EEOC e-information No Verified Type B
20 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCDEBT0004 Debt collection No Verified Type A, Type B
21 Export-Import Bank of the United States EIBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
22 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation FAMCZERO0001 N/A Verified
23 Federal Election Commission FECOREPA0001 Repayments based on audits No Verified Type B
24 Federal Election Commission FECOADMN0002 Administrative Fine Process No Verified Type B
25 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCALJO0001 Formal ALJ adjudication Yes Verified Type A
26 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCCOMM0002 Commission hearing-level adjudications No Verified Type A, Type B
27 Administrative Conference of the United States ACUSZERO0001 N/A Verified
28 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCSUBK0004 Petitions for adjustments under NGPA No Verified Unknown
29 Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund Board FHITZERO0001 N/A Verified
30 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAREPE0001 Representation Proceedings, Negotiability, and Consultation Rights Yes Verified
31 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAUNLP0002 Unfair Labor Practices, Backpay, EAJA Yes Verified Type A
32 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABREP0003 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Representation Hearings Yes Verified
33 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABULP0004 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Unfair Labor Practices Yes Verified Type A
34 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRABNEG0005 Foreign Service Labor Relations Board Negotiability Issues Yes Verified
35 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAIMPP0007 Federal Service Impasses Panel Yes Verified
36 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAARBI0008 Challenge to Arbitration Award Yes Verified
37 Federal Maritime Commission FMCOSHIP0001 Shipping Act Appeals Yes Verified Type A
38 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCSSOFF0001 Debt/Claims collection - salary offset No Verified Type A, Type B
39 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCSSUSD0002 Nonprocurement suspension & debarment No Verified Type B
40 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHFADJ0001 Formal adjudication Yes Verified Type A
41 Federal National Mortgage Association FNMAZERO0001 N/A Verified
42 Federal Supplementary Medication Insurance Trust Fund Board FSIMZERO0001 N/A Verified
43 Federal Trade Commission FTCAADJU0001 Formal adjudication - enforcement actions Yes Verified Type A
44 Foreign Claims Settlement Commission FCSCADJU0001 Compensation claims Yes Verified Type B
45 Government Accountability Office GAOOPERS0001 Personnel Appeals Board Yes Verified Type B
46 Government Accountability Office GAOOBIDS0003 Bid Protest Yes Verified Type B
47 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation HSTFTERM0001 Termination/suspension of scholarships No Verified Type B
48 Independent Payment Advisory Board IPABZERO0001 N/A Verified
49 Institute for Museum and Library Services IMLSNOND0002 Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs No Verified Type A
50 Institute for Museum and Library Services IMLSDBAR0001 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension No Verified Type B
51 Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board IROBZERO0001 N/A Verified
52 Legal Services Corporation LSCODTOF0001 Debarment and/or Termination of Funds No Verified
53 Legal Services Corporation LSCIGIPA0003 Suspension/debarment of independent public accountants (IPAs) No Verified Type B
54 Millennium Challenge Corporation MCCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
55 Mississippi River Commission MRCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
56 Morris K. Udall Scholarship Foundation MKUSZERO0001 N/A Verified
57 National Capital Planning Commission NCPCZERO0001 N/A Verified
58 National Consumer Cooperative Bank NCCBZERO0001 N/A Verified
59 National Council on Disability NCDOZERO0001 N/A Verified
60 National Institute of Building Sciences NIBSZERO0001 N/A Verified
61 National Labor Relations Board NLRBULPC0001 NLRB ULP ("C") CASES Yes Verified Type A
62 National Labor Relations Board NLRBREPR0002 NLRB REPRESENTATION ("R") CASES Yes Verified Type B
63 National Mediation Board NMBDZERO0001 N/A Verified
64 United States Peace Corps PECOSOFF0001 Debt collection - salary offset No Verified Type A, Type B
65 Department of Commerce USDCTRAD0020 Trademark Claims Yes Verified Type B
66 Department of Commerce USDCPATE0021 Patent Hearings Yes Verified Type B
67 Department of Commerce USDCBISF0003 ALJ Hearings in the Bureau of Industry and Security Yes Verified Type A
68 Department of Justice DOJXVCFX0009 September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Appeals Yes Verified Type B
69 Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation ONHIRBEN0001 Relocation program adjudication No Verified Type B
70 Legal Services Corporation LSCODBAR0001 Debarment/suspension of grantees from LSC funds No Verified
71 Legal Services Corporation LSCODSRR0004 Debarment, Suspension, and Removal of Recipient Auditors No Verified
72 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0003 Costs under $2500 No Verified
73 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0002 Costs over $2500 No Verified
74 General Services Administration GSAOCBCA0004 GSA Civilian Board of Contract Appeals cases Verified Type B
75 United States International Trade Commission ITCXMISC0007 ITC- miscellaneous Commission only hearing-no DOC Verified
76 United States International Trade Commission ITCXCONF0004 ITC - confidential biz info Verified
77 United States International Trade Commission ITCXETHC0003 ITC - Ethic in Government enforcement Verified
78 United States International Trade Commission ITCXADCD0002 Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duties Verified
79 United States International Trade Commission ITCXALJS0001 ITC- 337 Verified
80 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGFM0005 Coast Guard Formal Hearings Verified Type A
81 Department of Education DOEDOHEA0003 Post Secondary Institution Grants and Sanctions Verified Type A
82 Department of Education DOEDCRRA0002 Termination of Federal Financial Assistance Under the Civil Rights Act Verified Type A
83 Department of Education DOEDOGBR0001 Grants and Benefits under the General Education Provisions Act Verified Type A
84 Department of Agriculture USDASNAP0012 State SNAP Appeals Board review Verified Type B
85 Board of Veterans' Appeals DOVABENE0001 Benefits adjudication before the Board of Veterans' Appeals Yes Verified Type B
86 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDODECO0009 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension Verified Type A, Type B
87 United States Trade and Development Agency USTDZERO0001 N/A Verified
88 United States Sentencing Commission USSCZERO0001 N/A Verified
89 United States Postal Service USPSJODT0004 Non-APA hearings Yes Verified Type B
90 United States Postal Service USPSJOAJ0001 Judicial Officer Department with ALJ as hearing officer Yes Verified Type A
91 United States Postal Service USPSPBCA0003 Postal Board of Contract Appeals Yes Verified Type B
92 United States Postal Service USPSJOJO0002 Judicial Officer Department with Judicial Officer as hearing officer Yes Verified Type A
93 United States Peace Corps PECOSUSD0003 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension No Verified Type B
94 United States Peace Corps PECODEBT0002 Debt collection - administrative offset/administrative wage garnishment No Verified Type B
95 Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board PCAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
96 Overseas Private Investment Corporation OPICLOBY0002 Lobbying restrictions No Verified Type A, Type B
97 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation PBGCERIS0001 ERISA program determinations Yes Verified Type B
98 Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation PBGCDEBT0002 Debt collection No Verified Unknown
99 Railroad Retirement Board RRBPFCRA0002 Formal PFCRA (and other) hearings No Verified Type A
100 Railroad Retirement Board RRBBDHRG0003 Board hearings on specified RRA/RUIA non-benefit matters Yes Verified Type B