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# Agency Scheme Nickname Is this Major Adjudication?sort descending Verified by Agency Types of Adjudication
1 General Services Administration GSAOCBCA0004 GSA Civilian Board of Contract Appeals cases Verified Type B
2 United States International Trade Commission ITCXMISC0007 ITC- miscellaneous Commission only hearing-no DOC Verified
3 United States International Trade Commission ITCXCONF0004 ITC - confidential biz info Verified
4 United States International Trade Commission ITCXETHC0003 ITC - Ethic in Government enforcement Verified
5 United States International Trade Commission ITCXADCD0002 Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duties Verified
6 United States International Trade Commission ITCXALJS0001 ITC- 337 Verified
7 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGFM0005 Coast Guard Formal Hearings Verified Type A
8 Department of Education DOEDOHEA0003 Post Secondary Institution Grants and Sanctions Verified Type A
9 Department of Education DOEDCRRA0002 Termination of Federal Financial Assistance Under the Civil Rights Act Verified Type A
10 Department of Education DOEDOGBR0001 Grants and Benefits under the General Education Provisions Act Verified Type A
11 Department of Agriculture USDASNAP0012 State SNAP Appeals Board review Verified Type B
12 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDODECO0009 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension Verified Type A, Type B
13 Department of the Interior DINTSECY0000 Not verified
14 Department of the Interior DINTIBLA0000 Not verified
15 Department of the Interior DINTAHOC0000 Not verified
16 Department of the Interior DINTIBIA0000 Not verified
17 Administrative Office of the United States Courts AOCXZERO0001 N/A Verified
18 Export-Import Bank of the United States EIBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
19 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation FAMCZERO0001 N/A Verified
20 Administrative Conference of the United States ACUSZERO0001 N/A Verified
21 Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund Board FHITZERO0001 N/A Verified
22 Federal Judicial Center FJCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
23 Federal National Mortgage Association FNMAZERO0001 N/A Verified
24 Federal Supplementary Medication Insurance Trust Fund Board FSIMZERO0001 N/A Verified
25 Independent Payment Advisory Board IPABZERO0001 N/A Verified
26 Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board IROBZERO0001 N/A Verified
27 Library of Congress LOCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
28 Millennium Challenge Corporation MCCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
29 Mississippi River Commission MRCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
30 Morris K. Udall Scholarship Foundation MKUSZERO0001 N/A Verified
31 National Capital Planning Commission NCPCZERO0001 N/A Verified
32 National Consumer Cooperative Bank NCCBZERO0001 N/A Verified
33 National Council on Disability NCDOZERO0001 N/A Verified
34 National Institute of Building Sciences NIBSZERO0001 N/A Verified
35 National Mediation Board NMBDZERO0001 N/A Verified
36 National Railroad Passenger Corporation NRPCZERO0001 N/A Not verified
37 National Security Council Staff NSCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
38 National Security Education Board NSEBZERO0001 N/A Not verified
39 Office of Government Ethics OGEOZERO0001 N/A Verified
40 Office of Management and Budget OMBAZERO0001 N/A Verified
41 Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTPZERO0001 N/A Verified
42 Office of Special Counsel OSCXZERO0001 N/A Verified
43 Office of the Director of National Intelligence ODNIZERO0001 N/A Not verified
44 Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects ANGTZERO0001 N/A Not verified
45 Office of the United States Trade Representative USTRZERO0001 N/A Verified
46 Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board PCAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
47 Securities Investor Protection Corporation SIPCZERO0001 N/A Verified
48 Department of Defense N/A N/A Not verified
49 Social Security Advisory Board SSABZERO0001 N/A Verified
50 State Justice Institute SJIOZERO0001 N/A Verified
51 United States Botanic Garden USBGZERO0001 N/A Verified
52 United States Institute of Peace USIPZERO0001 N/A Verified
53 United States Sentencing Commission USSCZERO0001 N/A Verified
54 United States Trade and Development Agency USTDZERO0001 N/A Verified
55 Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board CSHIZERO0001 N/A Verified
56 Congressional Budget Office CBOOZERO0001 N/A Verified
57 Delta Regional Authority DRAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
58 Congressional Research Service CRSOZERO0001 N/A Verified
59 Appalachian Regional Commission ARCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
60 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board DNFSZERO0001 N/A Not verified
61 Council on Environmental Quality CEQOZERO0001 N/A Verified
62 Architect of the Capitol ACAPZERO0001 N/A Verified
63 Council of Economic Advisers CEAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
64 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program BGSEZERO0001 N/A Verified
65 Corporation for Public Broadcasting CPBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
66 Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission FMSHCONT0003 Contests, Complaints, and Temporary Relief No Not verified
67 National Endowment for the Arts NEAONOND0002 Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs under Title VI No Not verified Type A
68 National Endowment for the Arts NEAODBAR0001 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension No Not verified Type B
69 National Credit Union Administration NCUADEBT0003 Federal Employee Debt Collection No Not verified Type B
70 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0002 Costs over $2500 No Verified
71 Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority MWAAPERM0001 DC airports- restricted access permits & towing No Not verified
72 National Archives and Records Administration NARANDBS0004 NARA Nondiscrimination on Basis of Sex No Not verified Type A
73 National Archives and Records Administration NARAASOS0002 NARA Administrative/Salary Offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
74 National Archives and Records Administration NARANDPB0001 Nonprocurement/Debarment No Not verified Type B
75 National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASANAOO0001 Program fraud civil remedies No Not verified Type A
76 Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTCEAJA0004 Equal Access to Justice Act Proceedings No Not verified
77 Department of Energy DOENLGOI0012 Licensing of inventions arising from NNSA-supported research and development No Not verified Type B
78 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0003 Costs under $2500 No Verified
79 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPBSOFF0003 Salary offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
80 Legal Services Corporation LSCODSRR0004 Debarment, Suspension, and Removal of Recipient Auditors No Verified
81 Legal Services Corporation LSCIGIPA0003 Suspension/debarment of independent public accountants (IPAs) No Verified Type B
82 Legal Services Corporation LSCODTOF0001 Debarment and/or Termination of Funds No Verified
83 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation JMMFTERM0001 Suspension/termination of fellowships No Not verified Type B
84 Legal Services Corporation LSCODBAR0001 Debarment/suspension of grantees from LSC funds No Verified
85 Inter-American Foundation IAFOSOFF0002 Salary offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
86 Inter-American Foundation IAFOSUSD0001 Nonprocurement suspension/debarment No Not verified Type B
87 Institute for Museum and Library Services IMLSDBAR0001 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension No Verified Type B
88 Institute for Museum and Library Services IMLSNOND0002 Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs No Verified Type A
89 Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation ONHIRBEN0001 Relocation program adjudication No Verified Type B
90 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation HSTFTERM0001 Termination/suspension of scholarships No Verified Type B
91 Government Printing Office GPROSUSD0001 Procurement Suspension and Debarment No Not verified Unknown
92 General Services Administration GSAOFARG0003 GSA Debarment/Suspension proceedings for FAR contractors No Not verified Unknown
93 Farm Credit Administration FCAOLOAN0002 Loan application No Not verified Unknown
94 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCDEBT0004 Debt collection No Verified Type A, Type B
95 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission FERCIJAP0003 Commission review of contested DOE orders under Subparts I & J No Verified Type A
96 Farm Credit Administration FCAOCLAM0001 Collection of claims owed the U.S. No Not verified Unknown
97 Farm Credit Administration FCAOCIVP0004 No Not verified Unknown
98 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDICZERO0001 No Not verified
99 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOCTECH0003 Internal enforcement of nondiscrimination in EEOC e-information No Verified Type B
100 Farm Credit Administration FCAOSUSR0003 Suspension, removal, censure, debarment No Not verified Unknown