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NARA Administrative/Salary Offset

A debtor may request an informal hearing when the NARA intends to collect by administrative or salary offset, or administrative wage garnishment, a debt owed to the NARA by a federal employee, or a debt owed to the federal government by an NARA employee. The hearings are conducted in accordance with the Federal Claims Collection Standard (FCCS) (31 CFR 901.3), which the NARA adopts without change at 36 CFR 1201.2.

Comments/Notes on Adjudication Structure: 
When federal law or regulations require it, NARA will request an administrative law judge, or hearing official from another agency who is not under the supervision or control of the Archivist, to conduct the review. When federal law or regulations do not require such a hearing official, NARA has the right to appoint a hearing official to conduct review. In either instance, the hearing official will, following the review, submit the review decision to the Archivist for the issuance of NARA's final decision.
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