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DC airports- restricted access permits & towing

(1) Restricted access permit suspension: Airport Manager may, after notice and opportunity to be heard, suspend or revoke a Vehicle Operator Permit in some cases for breaching rules governing restricted access areas. In an emergency suspension situation, either the Airport Manager, an Airport Operations Officer, an AOA Safety and Security Area Inspector, or an MWAA police officer makes the decision to suspend. If one of the other officials makes the decision to suspend, the Airport Manager reviews that decision. Within 72 hours, Airport Manager must review the suspension & give notice to the permit-holder about suspension lift or pending continuance. Hearings (if requested) must be held within two weeks of an emergency suspension. See MWAR (Metro Washington Airports Authority Regulations) §§ 4.11, 4.14, 4.15.

(2) Towing cost appeals: MWAA police are authorized to remove vehicles if unattended in certain circumstances. They must provide detailed notice to the vehicle owner (or publish in newspaper if owner unknown). Owner is liable for costs. Within 10 days of paying or posting a bond, owner can appeal the costs issue through an informal hearing. Airport Manager presides at the hearing, and shall hear the dispute within 2 weeks of the request, if practicable. See MWAR §§ 4.42 - 4.45.

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