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Program fraud civil remedies

The NASA Adjudication Official will review and evaluate the investigation report and the evidentiary record. The NASA Adjudication Official may initiate further investigations, which may include affording the Respondent another opportunity for comment, before issuing a decision regarding the case.

The NASA Adjudication Official shall issue a decision setting forth the Agency's findings as to whether research misconduct has occurred. The NASA Adjudication Official shall render a decision within 30 days after receiving the investigation report and evidentiary record.

If the decision confirms the alleged research misconduct, it must include instructions on how to pursue an appeal to the NASA Appeals Official. The decision will also be sent to the NASA Office of the Chief Scientist and the OIG.

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The NASA Adjudication Official is the NASA Associate Administrator of a Mission Directorate, Chief Technologist, or Chief Engineer, depending on the research area involved in the misconduct allegation.
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