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# Agency Scheme Nicknamesort descending Is this Major Adjudication? Verified by Agency Types of Adjudication
1 Administrative Office of the United States Courts AOCXZERO0001 N/A Verified
2 Appalachian Regional Commission ARCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
3 Architect of the Capitol ACAPZERO0001 N/A Verified
4 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program BGSEZERO0001 N/A Verified
5 Department of the Interior DINTSECY0000 Not verified
6 Department of the Interior DINTIBLA0000 Not verified
7 Department of the Interior DINTAHOC0000 Not verified
8 Department of the Interior DINTIBIA0000 Not verified
9 United States Trade and Development Agency USTDZERO0001 N/A Verified
10 United States Sentencing Commission USSCZERO0001 N/A Verified
11 United States Institute of Peace USIPZERO0001 N/A Verified
12 Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board CSHIZERO0001 N/A Verified
13 United States Botanic Garden USBGZERO0001 N/A Verified
14 State Justice Institute SJIOZERO0001 N/A Verified
15 Congressional Budget Office CBOOZERO0001 N/A Verified
16 Congressional Research Service CRSOZERO0001 N/A Verified
17 Social Security Advisory Board SSABZERO0001 N/A Verified
18 Securities Investor Protection Corporation SIPCZERO0001 N/A Verified
19 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOSOFF0005 Yes Not verified Type B
20 Copyright Royalty Tribunal CRTRADJU0001 Yes Not verified Type B
21 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOOALJ0004 Yes Not verified Type B
22 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOFFDI0003 Yes Not verified Type B
23 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOEAJA0002 Yes Not verified Type B
24 Securities and Exchange Commission SECOAOFF0001 Yes Not verified Type B
25 Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board PCAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
26 Office of the United States Trade Representative USTRZERO0001 N/A Verified
27 Corporation for Public Broadcasting CPBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
28 Council of Economic Advisers CEAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
29 Council on Environmental Quality CEQOZERO0001 N/A Verified
30 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board DNFSZERO0001 N/A Not verified
31 Delta Regional Authority DRAOZERO0001 N/A Verified
32 Office of the Federal Coordinator for Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Projects ANGTZERO0001 N/A Not verified
33 Department of Agriculture USDANADO0002 Yes Verified Type A
34 Office of the Director of National Intelligence ODNIZERO0001 N/A Not verified
35 Office of Special Counsel OSCXZERO0001 N/A Verified
36 Office of Science and Technology Policy OSTPZERO0001 N/A Verified
37 Office of Management and Budget OMBAZERO0001 N/A Verified
38 Office of Government Ethics OGEOZERO0001 N/A Verified
39 National Security Education Board NSEBZERO0001 N/A Not verified
40 National Security Council Staff NSCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
41 National Railroad Passenger Corporation NRPCZERO0001 N/A Not verified
42 National Mediation Board NMBDZERO0001 N/A Verified
43 National Institute of Building Sciences NIBSZERO0001 N/A Verified
44 National Council on Disability NCDOZERO0001 N/A Verified
45 National Consumer Cooperative Bank NCCBZERO0001 N/A Verified
46 National Capital Planning Commission NCPCZERO0001 N/A Verified
47 Morris K. Udall Scholarship Foundation MKUSZERO0001 N/A Verified
48 Mississippi River Commission MRCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
49 Millennium Challenge Corporation MCCOZERO0001 N/A Verified
50 Library of Congress LOCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
51 Internal Revenue Service Oversight Board IROBZERO0001 N/A Verified
52 Independent Payment Advisory Board IPABZERO0001 N/A Verified
53 Federal Supplementary Medication Insurance Trust Fund Board FSIMZERO0001 N/A Verified
54 Federal National Mortgage Association FNMAZERO0001 N/A Verified
55 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service FMCSADRO0003 No Not verified
56 Federal Judicial Center FJCOZERO0001 N/A Not verified
57 Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund Board FHITZERO0001 N/A Verified
58 Administrative Conference of the United States ACUSZERO0001 N/A Verified
59 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDICZERO0001 No Not verified
60 Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation FAMCZERO0001 N/A Verified
61 Farm Credit Administration FCAOCIVP0004 No Not verified Unknown
62 Export-Import Bank of the United States EIBOZERO0001 N/A Verified
63 Department of Defense N/A N/A Not verified
64 Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTCFORM0001 "Formal" Adjudication Yes Not verified Type A, Type B
65 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPBAPPJ0001 "Main" (informal) adjudication scheme - Administrative Judges Yes Not verified Type B
66 Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRCODATA0003 Access to restricted data under Atomic Energy Act No Not verified Type B
67 Federal Communications Commission FCCOTCCD0011 Accessibility of telecommunications equipment & services to persons with disabilities Yes Not verified Type B
68 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOHALJ0001 Adjudication in Office of Administrative Law Judge Yes Verified Type A, Type B
69 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOGRAN0005 Adjudication of grant-related disputes/enforcement actions No Not verified Type B
70 Department of Energy DOENISER0003 Adjudication re: violations of Defense Production Act No Not verified Type B
71 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVACOEA0004 Administration of educational assistance programs No Verified Type B
72 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOOFFS0002 Administrative claims/debt collection No Not verified Type B
73 Federal Election Commission FECOADMN0002 Administrative Fine Process No Verified Type B
74 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOAPPJ0002 Administrative Judge Adjudication Yes Verified Type B
75 Department of Agriculture USDAARBO0009 Administrative Review Branch appeals Yes Verified Type B
76 Department of Agriculture USDAMINE0024 Administrative review of adverse decisions related to contracts under RAMP No Not verified
77 Department of Agriculture USDAPRJT0018 Administrative review re: projects/activities implementing LRMPs No Not verified Type B
78 National Endowment for the Arts NEAOOFFS0003 Administrative sanctions (salary, tax refund, and administrative offsets) No Not verified Unknown
79 Office of Personnel Management OPMOIGSD0004 Administrative sanctions - FEHB providers No Not verified Type B
80 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOAIRO0008 Air Monitoring and Fuel Economy No Not verified
81 National Transportation Safety Board NTSBAPPE0001 Airman Appeals Process Yes Verified Type A
82 Department of Commerce USDCBISF0003 ALJ Hearings in the Bureau of Industry and Security Yes Verified Type A
83 Department of the Treasury TRSYALJS0001 ALJ/Secretary process Yes Verified Type A
84 Department of Commerce USDCDUMP0006 Anti-Dumping Procedures Yes Not verified Type B
85 United States International Trade Commission ITCXADCD0002 Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duties Verified
86 Surface Transportation Board STBOAPPO0002 Appellate review of non-Board initial decisions Yes Verified Type B
87 Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation ONHIRARC0002 Archaeological permits & violations No Not verified Type A, Type B
88 Department of State DOSARMSC0006 Arms control enforcement No Not verified Type A
89 Federal Communications Commission FCCOEQUI0003 Authorization of radio frequency equipment and components Yes Not verified Type B
90 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBGOFARG0004 BBG Debarment/Suspension proceedings for FAR contractors No Not verified Type B
91 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBGODEBT0002 BBG Debt Collection proceedings for administrative offsets No Not verified Type B
92 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBGODEBT0003 BBG Debt Collection proceedings for salary offsets No Not verified
93 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBGONPRC0005 BBG Hearings for Nonprocurement Debarment/Suspension No Not verified Unknown
94 Broadcasting Board of Governors BBGOPRFR0001 BBG Program Fraud Hearings No Not verified Type A
95 Department of State DOSAVATT0004 Beirut Agreement - authentication of Audio-visual materials Yes Verified Unknown
96 Social Security Administration SSAOBENE0001 Benefits Yes Verified
97 Board of Veterans' Appeals DOVABENE0001 Benefits adjudication before the Board of Veterans' Appeals Yes Verified Type B
98 Department of the Interior DINTBIAA0001 BIA Administrative Appeals Yes Not verified Type A, Type B
99 Government Accountability Office GAOOBIDS0003 Bid Protest Yes Verified Type B
100 National Credit Union Administration NCUABDAP0001 Board Appeal (Formal) Yes Not verified Type A