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Administrative sanctions (salary, tax refund, and administrative offsets)

Proceedings in which a debtor may seek administrative review of a Notice of Debt Collection relating to a delinquent debt owed to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) or another federal agency prior to such action becoming final. Review proceedings may address: (a) the existence or amount of debt; (b) the proposed schedule for salary offset (if debtor is a federal employee); or (c) whether debt is past due or legally enforceable. Claims collection mechanisms under Part 1150 may include salary offset, tax refund offset, or administrative offset. (See 45 CFR Part 1150).

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NEA regulations do not specify the reviewing or hearing official(s) for administrative sanctions, other than noting that the NEA Chairperson will designate a "review official." NEA may, "when required by statute or regulation," request that the hearing be conducted by either (a) an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), or (b) a federal official or employee "who is not under the supervision or control of the Chairperson." (45 CFR 1150.6(c))
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