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BBG Hearings for Nonprocurement Debarment/Suspension

This scheme sets out the BBG's procedures for non-procurement related suspension or debarments of persons of persons or entities for federal programs. This primarily includes financial assistance such as loan guarantees, subsidies, scholarships or grants. See 22 CFR 513.110(a)(1). Executive Order (E.O.) 12549 requires Executive departments and agencies to participate in a governmentwide system for nonprocurement debarment and suspension, and to promulgate regulations establishing the procedures to be used in prosecuting such cases. See 22 CFR 513.100(b).

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BBG regulations define the "debarring official" and the "suspending official" as the agency head or his/her designee. Unknown if Chairman acting in APA-style capacity per section 556 when adjudicating debarment/suspension, or as informal adjudicator.
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