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# Agency Scheme Nicknamesort descending Is this Major Adjudication? Verified by Agency Types of Adjudication
401 Federal Communications Commission FCCOCOLL0001 Salary offset Yes Not verified Type B
402 Inter-American Foundation IAFOSOFF0002 Salary offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
403 Merit Systems Protection Board MSPBSOFF0003 Salary offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
404 National Endowment for the Humanities NEHOOFFS0003 Salary offset No Not verified Unknown
405 Office of Personnel Management OPMOSOFF0001 Salary offset proceedings No Not verified Type B
406 Small Business Administration SBAOGNRL0001 SBA APA-style hearings Yes Verified Type A
407 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDOSECT0003 Section 3 Funding-Informal Resolutions Yes Verified Type B
408 Department of Justice DOJXVCFX0009 September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Appeals Yes Verified Type B
409 Federal Maritime Commission FMCOSHIP0001 Shipping Act Appeals Yes Verified Type A
410 Nuclear Regulatory Commission NRCOSUBL0005 Simplified hearings under Subparts C/L Yes Not verified Type B
411 Social Security Administration SSAOOFFG0005 SSA Administrative/Salary Offset No Not verified Type A, Type B
412 Department of Transportation DOTRSHIP0014 St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. enforcement proceedings No Not verified Type B
413 Department of Agriculture USDASNAP0012 State SNAP Appeals Board review Verified Type B
414 Office of National Drug Control Policy ONDCSUSP0001 Suspension & debarment No Not verified Type B
415 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOSUSD0004 Suspension and debarment No Not verified Type B
416 Farm Credit Administration FCAOSUSR0003 Suspension, removal, censure, debarment No Not verified Unknown
417 Legal Services Corporation LSCIGIPA0003 Suspension/debarment of independent public accountants (IPAs) No Verified Type B
418 Department of Agriculture USDATMBR0019 Suspension/debarment of timber purchasers No Not verified Type B
419 James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation JMMFTERM0001 Suspension/termination of fellowships No Not verified Type B
420 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAACCR0011 Termination of accreditation or authority to provide representation Yes Verified Type B
421 Department of Education DOEDCRRA0002 Termination of Federal Financial Assistance Under the Civil Rights Act Verified Type A
422 Corporation for National and Community Service CNCSTERM0003 Termination of grants No Not verified Type A, Unknown
423 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAEMIG0002 Termination of grants under the Exchange of Medical Information Grant Program No Verified Type B
424 Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation HSTFTERM0001 Termination/suspension of scholarships No Verified Type B
425 Department of Commerce USDCTRAD0020 Trademark Claims Yes Verified Type B
426 United States Parole Commission USPCTRNF0002 Transfer by Treaty Yes Not verified Type B
427 Department of Homeland Security DHSCISAO0010 U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services Administrative Appeals Office Yes Not verified Type B
428 Federal Labor Relations Authority FLRAUNLP0002 Unfair Labor Practices, Backpay, EAJA Yes Verified Type A
429 Department of Veterans Affairs DOVAOFFS0010 VA salary/administrative offset and administrative wage garnishment No Verified Type A, Type B
430 Corporation for National and Community Service CNCSVTRM0004 VISTA volunteer termination & grievances No Not verified Unknown
431 Environmental Protection Agency EPAOWITH0011 Withdrawal of Approval of State Programs and Superfund Claims No Not verified
432 Department of Commerce USDCWARN0010 Written Warnings No Not verified Type B