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# Agency Scheme Nickname Is this Major Adjudication? Verified by Agencysort descending Types of Adjudication
401 United States Institute of Peace USIPZERO0001 N/A Verified
402 United States Peace Corps PECOSOFF0001 Debt collection - salary offset No Verified Type A, Type B
403 United States Peace Corps PECODEBT0002 Debt collection - administrative offset/administrative wage garnishment No Verified Type B
404 United States Peace Corps PECOSUSD0003 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension No Verified Type B
405 United States Postal Service USPSJOJO0002 Judicial Officer Department with Judicial Officer as hearing officer Yes Verified Type A
406 United States Postal Service USPSPBCA0003 Postal Board of Contract Appeals Yes Verified Type B
407 United States Postal Service USPSJOAJ0001 Judicial Officer Department with ALJ as hearing officer Yes Verified Type A
408 United States Postal Service USPSJODT0004 Non-APA hearings Yes Verified Type B
409 United States Sentencing Commission USSCZERO0001 N/A Verified
410 United States Trade and Development Agency USTDZERO0001 N/A Verified
411 Department of Housing and Urban Development HUDODECO0009 Nonprocurement debarment and suspension Verified Type A, Type B
412 Board of Veterans' Appeals DOVABENE0001 Benefits adjudication before the Board of Veterans' Appeals Yes Verified Type B
413 Department of Agriculture USDASNAP0012 State SNAP Appeals Board review Verified Type B
414 Department of Education DOEDOGBR0001 Grants and Benefits under the General Education Provisions Act Verified Type A
415 Department of Education DOEDCRRA0002 Termination of Federal Financial Assistance Under the Civil Rights Act Verified Type A
416 Department of Education DOEDOHEA0003 Post Secondary Institution Grants and Sanctions Verified Type A
417 Department of Homeland Security DHSCCGFM0005 Coast Guard Formal Hearings Verified Type A
418 United States International Trade Commission ITCXALJS0001 ITC- 337 Verified
419 United States International Trade Commission ITCXADCD0002 Anti-dumping/Countervailing Duties Verified
420 United States International Trade Commission ITCXETHC0003 ITC - Ethic in Government enforcement Verified
421 United States International Trade Commission ITCXCONF0004 ITC - confidential biz info Verified
422 United States International Trade Commission ITCXMISC0007 ITC- miscellaneous Commission only hearing-no DOC Verified
423 General Services Administration GSAOCBCA0004 GSA Civilian Board of Contract Appeals cases Verified Type B
424 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0002 Costs over $2500 No Verified
425 Legal Services Corporation LSCOCOST0003 Costs under $2500 No Verified
426 Legal Services Corporation LSCODSRR0004 Debarment, Suspension, and Removal of Recipient Auditors No Verified
427 Legal Services Corporation LSCODBAR0001 Debarment/suspension of grantees from LSC funds No Verified
428 Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation ONHIRBEN0001 Relocation program adjudication No Verified Type B
429 Department of Justice DOJXVCFX0009 September 11th Victim Compensation Fund Appeals Yes Verified Type B
430 Department of Commerce USDCBISF0003 ALJ Hearings in the Bureau of Industry and Security Yes Verified Type A
431 Department of Commerce USDCPATE0021 Patent Hearings Yes Verified Type B
432 Department of Commerce USDCTRAD0020 Trademark Claims Yes Verified Type B