Case Type Number: 
Statute (Common Name): 
Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act
Program Area: 
Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
48 CFR 509.401 - 509.406-3
Filed By: 
Private Party/Individual
Brief Description of Case Type: 
The first type of case is for debarment of contractors serving the GSA. Both debarment and suspension result in government-wide exclusions from participating in contracts and subcontracts. See FAR 9.405. While debarment may generally be imposed for the same causes as suspension (e.g., convictions or civil judgments based on fraud, forgery or bribery), debarment generally lasts for a longer, set time period not to exceed three years. See FAR 9.406-4; see also FAR 9.406-2 and 9.407-2 (causes for debarment and suspension).
Relief Available in Actions Filed By Private Parties: 
Reversal of Finding of Violation/Imposition of Penalty
Verified by Agency: 
Not verified