Case Type Number: 
Statute (Common Name): 
Clean Air Act
Program Area: 
Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
40 CFR Part 57, Subpart H
Filed By: 
Private Party/Individual
Brief Description of Case Type: 
This case type deals with proceedings for waiver of the requirement that a Nonferrous Smelting Order provide for the use of constant controls. See 40 CFR 57.801. "When applying for an NSO, a smelter must establish, for purposes of applying the financial eligibility tests, which adequately demonstrated constant control technology applicable to that smelter is the most economically feasible for use at that smelter." See 40 CFR 57.102. Any person may submit a request for a hearing containing the following: "(1) Identification of the person requesting the hearing and his interest in the proceeding; (2) A statement of any objections to the tentative determination; and (3) A statement of the issues which such person proposes to raise for consideration at such hearing."
Relief Available in Actions Filed By Private Parties: 
Waiver/Exemption/Relief from Regulatory Requirement
Other Relief from Agency Action
Verified by Agency: 
Not verified