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Joint Tolls Review Board proceedings (St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.)

This scheme describes the proceedings conducted by the Joint Tolls Review Board, a body jointly established by the United States' Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (an operating administration within the DOT) and Canada's Saint Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation. Its purpose is to hear complaints relating to the interpretation of the St. Lawrence Seaway Tariff of Tolls (a series of rules in 33 CFR Part 402 assessing charges for navigation of the St. Lawrence Seaway) or allegations of unjust discrimination arising out of the operation of the same. See 33 CFR 403.1 and 403.2.

Comments/Notes on Adjudication Structure: 
-33 CFR 403.1 vests the Joint Tolls Review Board with authority to hear complaints regarding the interpretation of the jointly established scheme of tariffs and tolls found in 33 CFR Part 402. The U.S. Code authorizes the creation of such a joint company at 33 U.S.C. 984(a), but neither the Code nor the regulations offer express details as to its composition or independent status.
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