Scheme Nickname: 
Protest adjudication

This scheme involves the adjudication of protests concerning the FAA Screening Information Requests (SIR)s, solicitations, or contract awards as well as dispute resolution for contract disputes. There is only one level to the scheme although there are multiple means of resolving dispute through ADR both during and before adjudication has begun. A DRO or Special Master shall submit findings and recommendations to the Director of the ODRA or the Director's designee. The findings and recommendations will be released to the parties and to the public, upon issuance of the final FAA order in the case. The director can review the status of any contract dispute.

Types of Adjudication: 
Type B
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Distinctive Features: 
The multiple levels of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Avoidance are unique to this scheme. Also, there are separate rules depending on whether the adjudication involves a bid protest or a contract dispute and these differences will be noted in the hearing level form.
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Not verified
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