Scheme Nickname: 
Federal Aviation Administration violation proceedings

This scheme applies to violations of the Federal Aviation Act, Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, the Airport and Airway Development Act, or the Airway Safety and Capacity Expansion Act of 1987. The District Court has jurisdiction over matters when the amount in controversy exceeds $50,000 for an individual or small business and $400,000 if the violation is committed by one other than an individual or small business. These procedures are for matters that are not within the jurisdiction of the district court. The limits on amounts in controversy do not apply to civil penalties issued under the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act.

Comments/Notes on Adjudication Structure: 
For civil penalties in excess of the dollar limitation on FAA’s assessment authority (for other than hazardous materials violations), the FAA has authority to compromise a penalty. This type of action is initiated when the FAA sends a civil penalty letter to an entity.
Types of Adjudication: 
Type B
Comments/Notes on Adjudication Type(s): 
Although procedures do not call for Type A adjudication, cases are sent to Department of Transportation Administrative Law Judges.
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