Scheme Nickname: 
Debt collection

Informal proceedings relating to collection of delinquent debts owed the Department of State or other federal agencies through salary offset, administrative offset, or administrative wage garnishment. ( 22 CFR Part 34)

Types of Adjudication: 
Type B
Comments/Notes on Adjudication Type(s): 
For most types of salary offset, a presiding official, who is "not under the supervision or control" of the Department of State, conducts an "outside hearing" (as compared to an "internal administrative review" for other types of debt collection.) Many agencies elect to use Administrative Law Judges for salary offset hearings. The Department of State does not employ any ALJs, so such adjudicators would need to be "borrowed" (via reimbursable agreement) from another agency. For all other debt collections, DOS regulations provide for an "internal administrative review" by "an appropriate [agency] official." (22 CFR Part 34, Subparts A & B).
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