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Bureau of Prisons - Control Unit Placement Review

Informal proceeding, per 28 CFR 541 Subpart D, in which the Bureau of Prisons reviews the decision of a recommending or sending institution to transfer an inmate into a control unit (i.e. super-maximum security prison). The Warden first submits a recommendation for referral to a control unit to the Regional Director for the recommending/sending institution based on past incidents or offenses which suggest the need to be placed in a more restrictive environment. The Regional Director reviews the recommendation and upon concurring with it, forwards a request to the Regional Director of the region in which the control unit is located. This Regional Director designates a Hearing Administrator to conduct a hearing to determine the appropriateness of the inmate's placement in a control unit. The Hearing Administrator's decision is then forwarded to the Executive Panel for review, at which time the inmate may simultaneously submit an appeal of the Hearing Administrator's decision, to be considered by the Executive Panel. The Executive Panel then issues a final decision, which is subject to administrative appeal through the Administrative Remedy Procedure, filed directly with the Office of the General Counsel of the Bureau of Prisons.

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Type B
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