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Statute (Common Name): 
Parole Commission and Reorganization Act
Program Area: 
Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
28 CFR 2.43
Filed By: 
Federal Agency
Brief Description of Case Type: 
Early Termination: Informal proceeding in which the Commission decides whether a parolee should remain under the Commission's supervision, and thus under its legal custody, during his/her release. Ordinarily, supervision may be terminated before the parolee's sentence expires upon request of the parolee or on the Commission's own motion, and the Commission is required to review the parolee's status periodically to determine the need for continued supervision. Five years after a parolee is released on supervision, the Commission shall terminate supervision unless a hearing is conducted and the Commission determines that the parolee is likely to violate criminal law and thus supervision shall not be terminated. Under such continued supervision, the parolee may request early termination hearings every year and the Commission shall conduct such a hearing at least every two years. 28 CFR 2.43(c)
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Other Agency Enforcement Action (General)
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