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Statute (Common Name): 
Small Business Act; Small Business Investment Act
Program Area: 
Small Business
Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
13 CFR 134.201 - 134.229; 13 CFR 120.1400 - 120.1600
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Brief Description of Case Type: 
In addition to its contracting assistance for veteran-owned, women-owned or disadvantaged business concerns, the SBA provides financial assistance to small businesses under its general business loan programs (“7(a) loans”), its microloan demonstration loan program (“Microloans”), and its development company program (“504 loans”). See 13 CFR 120.1. This financial assistance is generally provided to lenders who in turn offer SBA loans to small businesses. If a lender fails to stay in compliance with a loan program's requirements or engages in other misconduct in connection with a loan program, the SBA may pursue an enforcement action against it for penalties ranging from monetary assessments to revocation of the lender's authority to disburse SBA loans. See 13 CFR 120.1500; 120.1540. The general procedures for these enforcement actions incorporate the provisions of 13 CFR Part 134 in those instances where an evidentiary hearing is held. See 13 CFR 120.1600(b).
Relief Available in Actions Filed by Agency: 
Cease and Desist Order
Civil (Monetary) Penalty
Revocation/Suspension/Restriction of Existing Right or Privilege
Revocation/Suspension/Restriction of Program Benefit
Other Agency Enforcement Action (General)
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