Case Type Number: 
Statute (Common Name): 
Small Business Act
Program Area: 
Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
13 CFR 134.201, 134.701, 127.100
Filed By: 
Private Party/Individual
Federal Agency
Brief Description of Case Type: 
These cases include appeals to OHA from determinations made by the Director of the SBA's Office of Government Contracting (D/GC) in connection with Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) concerns or Economically Disadvantaged WOSB (EDWOSB) concerns. Appeals under this subpart include issues related to whether the business is owned and controlled by one or more women who are United States citizens and, if the appeal is in connection with an EDWOSB contract, that the concern is at least 51 percent owned and controlled by one or more women who are economically disadvantaged. See 13 CFR 134.701(a). The WOSB Federal Contract Program (13 CFR Part 127) authorizes contracting officers to set aside certain federal contracts for eligible WOSBs and EDWOSBs. See
Relief Available in Actions Filed By Private Parties: 
Procurement - Other Contract-Related Relief
Other Relief from Agency Action
Relief Available in Actions Filed by Agency: 
Other Agency Enforcement Action (General)
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