Case Type Number: 
Statute (Common Name): 
Maritime Security Act of 1996
Program Area: 
Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
46 CFR 295.1 - 295.40, 296.1 - 296.60
Filed By: 
Private Party/Individual
Brief Description of Case Type: 
The Maritime Security Program requires that the Secretary of Transportation, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to establish a fleet of active, commercially viable, militarily useful, privately-owned vessels to meet national defense and other security requirements. Vessels approved for MSP operating agreements are eligible for payments to assist in the vessels' upkeep. Disputes over the administration of MSP operating agreements are appealable to the Maritime Administrator, who "may order any proceeding appropriate in the circumstances." 46 CFR 295.40.
Relief Available in Actions Filed By Private Parties: 
Reversal of Finding of Violation/Imposition of Penalty
Verified by Agency: 
Not verified