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Statute (Common Name): 
Quality Housing Work Responsibility Act of 1998; Department of Housing and Urban Development Act.
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Regulatory Authorities (CFR): 
24 CFR Part 990, Subpart G.
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State/Local/Tribal Govt
Brief Description of Case Type: 
ยง 990.245 Types of appeals that can be undertaken to change a formula. "(a) Streamlined appeal. This appeal would demonstrate that the application of a specific Operating Fund formula component has a blatant and objective flaw. (b) Appeal of formula income for economic hardship. After a PHA's formula income has been frozen, the PHA can appeal to have its formula income adjusted to reflect a severe local economic hardship that is impacting the PHA's ability to maintain rental and other revenue. (c) Appeal for specific local conditions. This appeal would be based on demonstrations that the model's predictions are not reliable because of specific local conditions. To be eligible, the affected PHA must demonstrate a variance of ten percent or greater in its PEL. (d) Appeal for changing market conditions. A PHA may appeal to receive operating subsidy for vacant units due to changing market conditions, after a PHA has taken aggressive marketing and outreach measures to rent these units. For example, a PHA could appeal if it is located in an area experiencing population loss or economic dislocations that faces a lack of demand for housing in the foreseeable future. (e) Appeal to substitute actual project cost data. A PHA may appeal its PEL if it can produce actual project cost data derived from actual asset management, as outlined in subpart H of this part, for a period of at least two years."
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Other Relief from Agency Action
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