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Import/export hearings

Informal proceedings relating to specific licenses (i.e., licenses for named individuals) to import or export nuclear equipment and/or materials. Hearings on initial applications for specific import/export licenses are only conducted when either: (1) the Commission issues a notice of hearing after granting a timely request for hearing or intervention by any interested person (following publication of notice of the application in the Federal Register); or (2) the Commission determines that a hearing would assist it in making its determination or in the public interest. (10 CFR 110.84). Additionally, the Commission conducts hearings when seeking to revoke, suspend, or modify current import/export licenses due to AEA violations or the occurrence of conditions/activities that would otherwise warrant denial of a license application. (10 CFR 110.52 & 110.66).

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LevelName of OfficeSub-Agency/Bureau/Division:Are administrative appeals permitted from final decisions at this stage?
Hearing Level
Office of Deputy Exec. Director for Corporate Management
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By regulation, the full Commission will ordinarily preside over hearings for import/expert licenses. However, the Commission has the discretion to notice a hearing to be conducted by one or more Commission members "or any other person as provided by law." (10 CFR 110.104) If the Commission refers the hearing to a designated presiding officer, such officer conducts a fact-finding hearing and certify the hearing record to the Commission, which issues the final decision.
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