Scheme Nickname: 
Indian probate hearings

The Probate Hearings Division serves as the Department's administrative trial court for Indian probate cases. Through formal hearings conducted by administrative law judges and Indian probate judges, and informal proceedings conducted by attorney decision makers, the Division determines the rightful heirs and beneficiaries of decedents who owned property held in trust by the United States on their behalf. The Division determines the validity of wills, decides what claims against the estate will be allowed, and orders distribution of the trust property to those entitled to receive it.

Adjudication Levels: 
LevelName of OfficeSub-Agency/Bureau/Division:Are administrative appeals permitted from final decisions at this stage?
Hearing Level
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Yes (All Types of Cases)
Appeal Level 1
Office of Hearings and Appeals
Types of Adjudication: 
Type B
Verified by Agency: 
Not verified
Is this a Major Adjudication: