Department of Veterans Affairs

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Agency Scheme

  • DOVAACCR0011 Termination of accreditation or authority to provide representation
  • DOVABURI0005 Prohibition of interment/memorialization of those who committed capital crimes
  • DOVACARE0001 Revocation of VA approval of community residential care facilities
  • DOVACOEA0004 Administration of educational assistance programs
  • DOVADEPD0003 Reduction in subsistence allowance following loss of dependent
  • DOVAEMIG0002 Termination of grants under the Exchange of Medical Information Grant Program
  • DOVANOND0006 Nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs
  • DOVAOFFS0010 VA salary/administrative offset and administrative wage garnishment
  • DOVAPFCR0007 Program Fraud Civil Remedies
  • DOVAPROC0009 Procurement suspension and debarment
  • DOVASUSD0008 Nonprocurement suspension and debarment