Department of Transportation

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Agency Scheme

  • DOTRCHRT0016 Federal Transit Administration charter service violation proceedings
  • DOTRCVRT0017 DOT civil rights proceedings
  • DOTRDEBT0018 DOT Debt collection proceedings
  • DOTREMPL0019 DOT Post-employment enforcement proceedings
  • DOTRFAAD0001 Federal Aviation Administration violation proceedings
  • DOTRFAAD0002 Federal Aviation Administration violation proceedings
  • DOTRFAAD0003 Protest adjudication
  • DOTRFMCS0004 Fed. Motor Carrier Safety Admin. civil penalty enforcement proceedings
  • DOTRFRRA0005 Railroad Hazmat civil penalty assessment
  • DOTRMERC0006 Merchant Marine Act/Merchant Ship Sales Act proceedings (Maritime Administration)
  • DOTRNHTS0007 NHTSA proceedings
  • DOTRNPRC0008 DOT Nonprocurement suspension & debarment proceedings
  • DOTROOSE0009 Office of the Secretary
  • DOTRPIPE0010 Hazmat order petitions for review
  • DOTRPRFR0011 DOT Program Fraud and Lobbying Violation hearings
  • DOTRSCBS0012 Federal Transit Administration school bus violation proceedings
  • DOTRSECR0013 Program Fraud Civil Remedies
  • DOTRSHIP0014 St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. enforcement proceedings
  • DOTRTOLL0015 Joint Tolls Review Board proceedings (St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp.)